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Substance Painter: Baking by mesh name not working

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PattyWhacker polycounter lvl 4
Hello everyone. I need some help from someone who is an expert on Substance Painter for this one. As of right now I'm having difficulties baking in Substance Painter. I'm trying to avoid projection issues (details from other pieces of the model being baked onto adjacent pieces for instance), so I want utilize "by mesh name" in the "Match" parameter when creating a normal map. Whenever I attempt to bake the high poly model onto my low poly model with selecting "by mesh name" in the parameters, the baking does not work. In Maya, I made sure that the high poly model pieces' names matched the low poly model pieces' names and ended the suffix accordingly (high polygon model pieces with "_high" and low polygon pieces with "_low"). However, whenever I select "always" in the "Match" parameter, the baking process works and I can see the details on my low poly mesh, but of course I get projection issues which makes the mesh not look as good. Currently I own Substance Painter 2.0 for the Mac. I don't know if it's the version that I am using or if it's something that I'm doing wrong. I've tried this baking method in Substance Painter 1.0, and I had no difficulties getting this program to work correctly. If any of you are familiar with baking textures in Substance Painter and if you have any suggestions on how I may solve this issue, please let me know as this is causing me to pull out my hair. Thank you.


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