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The PP-Bizon BAAL is my restricted rarity skin - contribution for the workshop contest.

The BAAL collection I make is highly inspired by the original Alien movie from 1979 and H.R. Gigers work in general. I mixed it up with the solid black-white design resembling the clean Stormtrooper armour and ship designs from the old Star Wars movies. Over all it should feel like a factory new white future gun infested and corroded by alien goo.

Reference Sheet:

To break the 2 color contrast i added some red elements to make the composition
more interesting - however I try not to make it to much like a railgun.

This is still a very early stage and far from finished. I personally am not that happy with the white goo on the magazine and I will add more solid white parts. Higher level of detail and over all more corrosion will be added as the work progresses =)


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