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PC-CSGO | Desert Eagle Crying Neon (FINISHED)

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Snixxz vertex

I'm Snixz, I'm currently working as a designer and love csgo and going to add some some content I'm creating this month. I'll start of by doing the deagle.

This is how far I've come. Will be updating and adding more guns!


The deagle will be a patternbased design.
The progress will be,
  1. Drawing the girl to symbolize an cyborg - DONE
  2. Adding neonglow to the Drawing in PS - DONE
  3. Adding more neoncolors in PS - DONE
  4. Make a combined pattern - DONE
  5. Adding black lines to the deagle to split it up - DONE
  6. Adding the pattern to the UV - DONE
  7. Making changes and fixing it up. - IN progress

Thank you :)


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