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Primrose!~ WIP Weapon Skins and Collaborations!

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Primrose~ triangle
Hey there! Name's Primrose, long time workshop contributor for TF2 and Dota 2! Done some dabbling in CS:GO skins in the past, and am looking forward to how things go with this contest! I'll be entering the contest with a good few skin submissions, got a few already in the works; first one up is a collaboration I'll be doing with Millenia! Robocop inspired Deagle, didn't want to go overly detailed with the design and I figure the soft amount of faux chrome that I'll be texturing on the design should look really nice overall. 

The design is suuuuper basic currently, he'll beautify it more from the basic shapes concept here, adding dimension and some more refined detail. After that, I've got a few other collabs and a couple original designs also in the works. I'll keep this thread updated as things get going! My workshop and other past submissions can be found here.




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    Primrose~ triangle
    Working on a new gun pattern while Millenia is finishing up another one himself before we work on the Deagle, this one's an homage to my favorite spaceman from the 70's and 80's, David Bowie. Initial plan was to do something that was a love letter to the movie from the era, Man Who Fell to Earth, but there's reaaaaally not way too much to pull from that design wise, so instead I'm going with the Ziggy Stardust character and the ongoing story of the album, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from mars. 

    alt. variant is less busy

    gonna be doing a fair bit more to this design as well, gonna go with andonized multicolor with having splashes and big bulbs of color in the white lines, the primary colors from the Ziggy era like heavy reds and sky blues, should look nice when I get further along! 
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