The Magic of Custom Shelves in Maya

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Hey polycount,
I've recently discovered the magic of custom shelves in Maya. I always knew about them but always figured it wasn't really worth messing with because it only saves a couple clicks, but boy do they make life a lot easier. I was wondering if people had amazing scripts they want to share to make life easier?

Currently my favorites to add are smooth/harden edge normals, Freeze Transformations, Center Pivot Point, clear history, Mesh Combine, Mesh Smooth, and Cleanup.

Also for those unaware, it's super simple to add a command to a shelf, you simply hold down control + shift and then middle mouse click. 


  • throttlekitty
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    throttlekitty Polycount Sponsor
    Personally I like marking menus better, and I have most the things you mention on one myself! Here's some scripts I like, sorry no time to make links.

    mmtokey: amps out marking menus by having all the context/window/node scripts set up for you. This lets you have a custom context-sensitive MM on a single hotkey. Pure awesome.

    oaRelaxVerts, FBcombine, GetBent, mHide, pivotChanger, NSUV, UVShellHardEdge, instanceAlongCurve, fStretch, mopKnit.
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