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The Beast: Runner-ups (10th to 4th place) announced!

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Jerc interpolator
Hey everyone!

The jury has deliberated and here are the runner-ups for The Beast Contest! The jury had a very hard time picking their favorites from such a huge amount of entries and the votes and sensibilities were very diverse.

As a reminder, all runner-ups won a lifetime Substance Live Indie license, that includes all future versions/upgrades of the software for eternity!

Congratulations to all the winners and to all of you really for making this contest a huge success. It has been amazing following each contestant's progress over the past 2 months!

The Top 3 winners will be announced on Thursday!

4th: Sage by OccultMonk

5th: Sombreuil by Walgrind

6th: Fading Memory by Cai

7th: Bitter Revenge by RenanTorres

8th: The Manticore by Cersei_Lannister

9th: The Oldest Beast by MURIL

10th: Beauty's Pet by Firith


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