[UE4] Cryo Chamber (Halo Fanart)

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Will Faucher polycounter lvl 9
After playing through Halo 4 again, I decided to try and remake the following scene in UE4.

So far I've got the blockout done, as well as most of my assets. I haven't yet decided if I am going to add the snow to the level, as I'm on a tight schedule at the moment, but here is what I've got so far.

I've been using Substance Painter exclusively for all my texture work. Still WIP, including, and especially, the lighting. I do realize it's quite dark at the moment, but I feel like it kind of works? Maybe I need a slap in the face. Bear in mind, I'm not trying to go for an exact copy of the Halo 4 scene, but rather looking into making the whole thing a lot more dramatic, more interesting, and have an overall better mood to it.
What's left to do:

-Proper lighting
-The front door/hallway leading out
-Big central support thingy
-Cables and wires
-Tileable generic sci-fi panelling for the walls
-Particles/Atmospheric effects

Any and all critiques are very much appreciated!


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