Girl Hair Study/Toolbag Portrait

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I wanted to share with you my recently finished portrait project. It was a hair/FiberMesh study that turned into a "full" piece and exercise in realism.
Sculpting done in ZBrush, Modeling/Retopology in MODO (and some Maya before I switched), Substance Painter and Designer for the textures.
Final renders were produced in Marmoset:

Let me know what you think! :)
I will post WIP material and some more info later. Some of which can be seen already in my Sketchbook.


  • Justo
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    Hey Derraz! Long time big fan of your pink-haired toonish character (saved multiple views from your marmoset viewer file for future reference in a folder)...not so much of this piece.

    If you're aiming for something realistic, I think the hair looks false (I'm sure you've already seen it, but after seeing ThomasP's work, everything else looks bad in comparison), the pores in the face are too marked, and the eyes lack those specular highlights in the iris and eyeball (EQ's eyes to me are the best ones out there imo).

    That's just my opinion though.  The eyebrows and eyelashes look damn good. Mind telling which technique you used for the eyebrows?
  • Bop


    I would like to know how you are in the Toolbag rendering hair, can you explain it?
    Thank you very much!

  • erroldynamic
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  • Mr.Moose
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    Great work! Really nice stuff! BUT: I feel like theres a lot of the skin direction missing, just looks like noise. Needs to have an observable skin flow I think if you're going to bring the camera that close.
  • SimonRiverin
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    Very nice work ! 
    If I can give advices , I agree with "JUSTO" by saying that the hairs look a bit fade ( try to add more colours to them ) Also , the eyes looks a bit plastic ( just change the spec of it cause the texture is very nice ) However , I disagree about the skin pores ( some people have them more highlighted ) but it looks like they disappear on some of your pics. Are you using heigh map or only nornal maps for those details ? If you dont it could be a good Idea to have one ( I think so ) .

    But in overall this is a fabulous artwork !
  • artofmars
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    I think the hair looks fantastic, really crisp and realistic alphas. Only think I might suggest is the Specular may need more saturation but its hard to say with out seeing the flat texture. 

    Adding to favorites for future reference :] 
  • javi
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    javi Polycount Sponsor
    Amazing work! It looks great! :D
  • DerRazputin
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    Thanks for the feedback. ThomasP is a beast for sure. Have to study the way he does hair some more. :)
    About the eyes: I talked to a character artist at work after doing some tests and we both agreed that most of the specular highlights should be produced by the cornea. I tried turning the glossiness of the eyeball/iris up but it didn't provide good results.
    You mean Joe Wilson? As far as I know, he doesn't do characters. I would love to be proven wrong though: There is a lot to learn from him and his work. :)
    The eyebrows and eyelashes are just FiberMesh/geometry on top of the texture (see post below).

    Thank you! Here are my settings for the hair:

  • DerRazputin
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    DerRazputin polycounter lvl 4
    Thanks man!

    @Mr.Moose @SimonRiverin
    Thank you guys! I agree with you on the skin. Although I made it a bit harsh on the forehead I feel like detail is missing towards the middle of the face and the cheeks. I should have used more reference in the process (found this later):

    Here is my sculpt:

    Currently the skin uses a normal and a detail normal which is why the detail looks a bit uniform. I doubt height will do much good here. I'd rather check color and roughness information and see if I can get more out of it. The albedo was mostly baked from Polypaint. Might be a matter of optimizing the UVs and getting proper resolution in there as well though, as the head and body share the same maps currently.

    Hey thanks, glad you like it! Sorry to burst your bubble about the alphas but the hair is actually made out of FiberMesh tubes currently. :smiley: I deliberately left out the word "realtime" from the title as performance in Toolbag is pretty chuggy but still runs surprisingly well considering it's pushing about 6 mil. polys(!). This was an experiment. Next character will have low-poly hair again, promise. ;)

    Thank you for the compliment!
  • Justo
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    @DerRazputin : Yup, him. Look for his eyeballs example scene: /discussion/137464/marmoset-toolbag-2-tutorials#latest

    Everyone has their own theories about eyes though, ha...If you want to make your own take on them, go for it!
  • DerRazputin
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    DerRazputin polycounter lvl 4
    @Justo : Will take a look at it. Thanks! ;)
    Here are mine:
    Some more breakdown stuff:
    Sculpting Process

  • Maxilator
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    I agree with the previous posts that the skin looks too noisy, I'd just tone down the bump value, but I don't think anyone mentioned the nose, it has a strange tip that looks weird to me. 
  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir polycounter
    Tone down the transmission on the skin a little. I know this is a hair study, but that super harsh red line is killing this.
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