Blending between meshes in UE4 like in Gears of War Judgement

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Jack M. polycounter lvl 5
So I've been experimenting with creating a material that can act as a transition between a terrain or floor and a wall for example. I've got it narrowed down pretty well and am getting close to a solution I think. 

The issue I currently have is it appears the skylight in the scene has more influence over my translucent material than it does on my opaque material. It's almost like there's a multiplier I need to turn off somewhere that I can't seem to find. 

Here's my scene with the skylight set to 0 and then set to 1. Also here's a render of my material in it's current state. 

These are some screenshots from a Gears of War Judgement art dump. That's the effect i'm trying to achieve, but it's proven to be quite difficult to achieve in UE4.

As you can see Gears of War judgement looks good and matches the opaque materials exactly. Any help on this would be great as I've been banging my head against this wall for a while now.


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