Maya 2016 EXT 2: a pretty dam huge update.

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Ohh man they finally copied the functionality of pre selection highlighting from softimage. So many good things happened this release. I'm super happy. That being said... it's all stuff we've been asking for for like... the last 5 years. But better late then never!

Biggest things fixed:

- Preselection highlighting
- Bevel (Maya now has a better bevel then 3ds max ladies and gents!) Never thought I would see the day...
-Symmetry works with everything now.
-Uv Symmetry
- Uv layout tool now has UDIM support
- Uv layout tool now has prescale options and align shell rotations to world axis.
- Mirror mesh no longer merges extra verts along center line!

Let the games begin, Huzzah!

EDIT: I'll drop the modeling/uv update vid directly here:


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