Shading issue with object space normal map (TB2)

Hey folks, wondering if anyone has had this same issue.

I'm trying to use an object space normal map for a model. Every part of the model is uniquely unwrapped and I have double-checked that none of the UVs are flipped.

The problem is that every part of the model facing a particular direction is dimmed out / incorrectly lit. The direction specifically is Z-

This is what my normal map looks like:

These are the areas that map to the badly shaded parts of the model (parts that are dark on the blue channel):

These are my xNormal settings:

These are my Toolbag settings. Flipping any of the axes, or any combination of them, or toggling any of the boolean options, does not resolve the issue:

These are my mesh settings. Choosing different tangent spaces, or toggling the two boolean options, does not resolve the issue:

This is a comparison of the model with object space and tangent space bakes applied. Obviously the tangent bakes have bad shading but note how no part is just "dimmed:"

I cannot figure this out so for now I'm going to add more geo to control the shading and proceed with a tangent space bake to bypass the issue.

However if anyone has encountered and solved this problem before, or can see something I'm doing wrong or haven't considered, please let me know. Thanks


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