Questions regarding LOD Screensize values (auto values seem borked / broken)

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Hey all!

So I have a couple of questions regarding the auto LOD Screensize values that get assigned to meshes, how exciting!

Currently I'm having issues with the numbers being automatically set when you generate the LODs, the issues I keep coming across is poorly set values, LOD 1 = .075 (thats ok), LOD 2 = .072 (what?) etc. 

Now I know we can manually set these... but if the auto generated values are borked to begin with, is there any way we can hard code these values so that it always starts with those? (eg. LOD1 = .075, LOD2 = 0.5, LOD3 = 0.2 etc)

I understand they are "calculated" based off their bounding box (I think?) but obvisouly something isn't working right currently. I also know that smaller objects could have more extreme values, but it's going to take a fair bit of grunt work to get these number correct... going through each mesh etc. etc.

TLDR - Is there a way to set the auto generated LOD screensize values so that it always uses set defaults (eg. LOD1 = .075, LOD2 = 0.5, LOD3 = 0.2 etc) ?

Thanks everyone, super random question but meh... it's bugging me right now. 
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