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Warrior's Pilgrimage Project

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Warrior's Pilgrimage Project

*latest update ( see below images ) 


 so as promised this is the gameplay download Link 



Gamplay Live Fotage



my name is Arif Pribadi , me and my teammate , Audrey Wong  , currently working on a "game" project in University of Herdforshire .  

this is our current team structure 

Arif Pribadi - Art Director/Technical Director
http://arifcreations.com/  arifcreations.com

Audrey Wong - Lead Modeler
 http://audreee.artstation.com/  audreee.artstation.com

*we will looking for employment pretty soon ( after may 25 2016) :)

*update note , what we posted in polycount here is the latest update, because it is not possible to post everything in one shot, if you curious on how it started and how we make the project from scratch you can check out the 3dhit thread

here is some short Backstory

The Player play as the Hero character who goes to a small peaceful village in the middle of the mountain landscape to get his blessing on the local temple . But something is not right, there’s seems to be something waiting for him inside the temple...


and some technical detail on how the game going to be

Warrior's Pilgrimage is a 3rd person game,  it is an interactive / playable art. so there is no real gameplay. 
the Project is using Unreal Engine

these are some of the latest scene and assets screenshots

just in case if you  curious  about  the breakdown, 

depending on what asset, but this is our most method to speed up the development 

Audrey will also post some more screenshot


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