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2D Art: Whale Tank

polycounter lvl 2
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VisionNova polycounter lvl 2
Hello everyone, this is my first post on Polycount but not my first time here. This is a amazing place and i have learnt a lot. 

This is just a sketch that I have been working on here and there, I am open to all criticisms and i know that there are some mistakes but oh well I'm still a beginner and I want to improve my art as much as possible. Thanks 


  • Greg DAlessandro
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    Greg DAlessandro polycounter lvl 6

    I feel like adding a blue camo to the tank would harmonize the whale and tank and make it feel more matching to a water-like theme. (image below) Also you should add straps that go around the body or something to show how the top is attached to the whale. But I love the idea, I think it is hilarious/ pretty awesome.

  • VisionNova
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    VisionNova polycounter lvl 2
    of course thank you so much i didn't think of that, i tried chain mail armour but that made it look very dark ages and not modern. 
    thanks for the photo also i will make some changes to the whale tank. 
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