Sketchbook: Nathan Ekema

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Hello! I am a student currently study to be a environment artist, mainly focusing on texturing in Substance and doing environment setups in UE4. But I also love visual effects and character sculpting so some of that may popup throughout my sketchbook if I happen to be working on that.

I am very much open to critiques because I wanna get better as an artist and CC is the best way, so please feel free to give me any kind of feedback! This will mostly be a place for me to post my WIPs and my final projects that will be put up on my artstation.

Right now I am getting to do finishing touches on a procedural stone pathway that I made in Substance Designer that I have been working on over this passed weekend. I had issues with the albedo for the stone and dirt, it just doesn't feel like there is much value and color difference between them, so that's probably what I'll work on for sure before saying they're finished.


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