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LF skilled UI Artist for MOBA game. 2D Artwork/PSD only, no coding needed

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CThom polycounter lvl 7
Hi there,

Note: We do NOT require you to have knowledge of coding the UI in UE4. This is solely for the 2D artwork/PSD file.

Circuits and Shields is looking for an expert UI artist to put together the UI for our main in-game HUD (and possibly further work on menus/game screens in the future). The first task, the in-game HUD, involves everything shown on the screen during key gameplay. Since we are a MOBA, this involves things like the minimap, HP bar placement, skill placement, portrait placement, etc. A good example would be: http://i.neoseeker.com/n/2/league_of_legends_hud_02.png or https://i.ytimg.com/vi/sd1Ezxr4yVk/hqdefault.jpg

About us: Circuits and Shields is a MOBA game that's been in production for several months already. We have several character models already in 3D, along with massive progress on the programming front and will be approaching kickstarter ready in approximately 2-3 months. We are shooting for AAA high quality in everything we do, as referenced by some of our current art seen here: http://circuitsandshields.com/media/. This is a great opportunity to have your work in a high quality project and even moreso, hopefully seen by thousands/millions.

This is a paying position and I will be happy to show you the contract details if you're a good fit. This is flat fee, but I might be willing to discuss royalties if that's something you'd prefer. Again, I want to reiterate, we're going for extremely high quality here, so please only contact me if you have a solid portfolio to back your experience up.

I can be contacted at the following:
Email: [email protected]
Skype (Preferred): CThomlison

We are looking for a few other positions at this time, so if you're not a UI designer, but still interested, you can see our active positions here: http://circuitsandshields.com/the-team/



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