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3dsmax 9 Unwrapping tool wont zoom.

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Hi community!

I tried to search from the web answer to this problem and found none, so im asking from you guys...

I have a problem with my 3dsmax 9. I have used it 3 years for freetime modelling for Project Reality game. Ever since i installed windows10, the 3dsmax program has not worked properly. The most annoying thing is that when i try to zoom in UV window with my mouse wheel, it wont zoom. 

I use this program because its the only program that exports models in BF2 editor without messing up the faces and smoothing groups. I have lot of assets and vehicles that needs only UV:S and textures and people are waiting them. This is the only issue that keeps me from finishing my work.

Can you guys help me? 

Cheers Kovanaama


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