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Before you is the mighty beast... Prince! Prince loves Beauty unconditionally. He wants to protect her and always be by her side. The latter seems to get more and more difficult as the years of him being a small pup are over. Nowadays Beauty is constantly bombarded by marriage proposals and men courting her. When the opportunity presents itself, Prince chases these men off and bites their bottoms as they run away. Then he gets grounded to the doghouse and is rarely allowed to come in the house anymore. There is nothing much to do, except eat and destroy his toys, in hopes that Beauty will allow him back to the house to calm him down.


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Hey everyone, joining in a little late, let's see if I can finish this in time!
I wanted to give a comical approach to the subject, so here he is the beauty's pet.
More props to be added later probably, and the pose is rough.. not sure if I should model him posed or not yet, it looks like it could prove difficult to pose him like that at the end.


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