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Troll Trinket Collector


Trolls are slow learners and honestly not that smart to begin with, but with time they can learn. As they age they turn from beast to manlike. The Trinket Collector is one of the oldest trolls around, his intelligence and emotional maturity could rival that of a human child. 
Most trolls has a soft spot for shiny and beautiful objects. Like giant magpies they steal and kill to get what they want. 
But the Trinket Collector is different.  
You usually find him along one of the many forest paths. and if you do; you might consider yourself lucky, or dead, depending on the situation. 
If you please him with a shiny gift he might offer protection from the many beast and robbers in the woods, if not, he might just kill you himself.

So one thing is for sure, you should always travel with something shiny in your pocket.


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