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Edited post - July 14.:So, this is it! I made it. Not in time, not anymore for contest because I am late, not in low poly because there was not enought nerves left with my lagging PC, but I did it!! <3<3<3 I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
My portfolio page: 

Message from February 17:
Hello =o) 
I would like to join your cool contest! 
<3  This is Eleonore, and I found idea for her after 2 weeks of sketching, searching through the internet and dreaming about it,... but I still dont know, if it is final model. Also, I am newbie in ZBrush and all 3D modelling stuff, so this contest is also personally challenging for me. I will try to sent my actual progress to my topic on this forum =o) I hope you enjoy my work.
Have a nice day and good luck to you all =o)


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