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Alien rock Band - Final Major Project

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Michael Olleron polycounter lvl 4
Hey everyone. My names Mike and i'm in my final year of uni, and currently doing my Final Major Project. I am five weeks into this project, and i've been meaning to get involved with this community so i thought i would share my progress so far and hopefully get anyones thoughts and feedback. 

I am working towards a career in character art. My project is to create 4 realistic Sci Fi alien characters that will make up a band. The band characters will be based heavily off music scenes that have strong and recognisable fashion and styles. I wanted them to look like an unlikely bunch that work well together. 

The Drummer is a 6 armed female alien. The Guitarist will be based heavily off Jimmy Hendrix. The Bassist is a small and fat hairy little guy. The lead singer will be a anime hologram character, ordered online by the other band member.

I am currently at the texturing stage of my first character, The drummer. I will quickly share what i've done so far for the project, and from now on try to update as i do things.

In the second week I did a block out of all the characters as i wanted to visualise them all in 3D.

Progress on the drummer so far. I started with this character as i was least confident with it.

Gave myself a few days just to focus on hair.

The drummer is all baked down now, and i'm about to texture. I need to figure out the colour palette for this character and also the rest, because i need to see how the colours work together. 

Sorry for the long post. Thanks!


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