Zbrush DynaMesh Best Practices

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Anyone have some tips for best practices when it comes to dynamesh/ ZRemesher?

Here's an example, I've created what *should* be a solid stone object. My goal is to have one subtool with adaptive, yet clean, topology to sculpt cracks and chips evenly across. My workflow right now is, make highpoly (multiple subtools), merge down all subtools (all of different poly density, but fairly clean and even), attempt to DynaMesh to get rid of unused/ hidden/ interior geo and have a solid surface to work on.

The problem is that Dynamesh either gives me a too low res version, or I start getting artifacting (or part of my mesh cuts off?) when using it at higher resolutions. I've played with the settings without much success. I've tried decimating before had to get the poly count down to be more manageable (not sure if the crazy topo from decimating is bad for dynamesh). Zbrush crashes on me a lot when attempting this (I have my mem pushed up and a really non-shiity comp so not sure why =/ other than I'm doing something inherently wrong). Maybe I'm just making things at much too high of polycount?

Any insight to how the tool functions or what would be a better tool to use for this is greatly appreciated, Polycount Gods :)

If it helps, an image of the object in question (insert meshes used that I would like attached to the base)


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