3ds Max - Inserting an object into multiple scenes

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silver_hoodlum polycounter lvl 4

Is there a way/script in 3DS Max to insert/merge an object into multiple scenes without opening all the scenes one by one and merging. 

It can save me lots of time.

Thanks in advance


  • Noors
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    Noors polycounter lvl 9
    A batch script with opening each scene is easy. You could run it at night ?
    Without loading, i'm not sure.
    Maybe with get/setMAXFileAssetMetadata but looks like it's for updating nodes and not adding anything new.
    User Spacefrog might have ideas.

  • Axi5
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    Axi5 greentooth
    There's a maxscript function called mergeMaxFile that does this (from a quick search any way). So you can just write a script that collects your max files, then merges that scene into them all.
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