Irene the mechanic (WIP)

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Hello polycount! Just in case not everyone reads the new members thread: I'm jpr, a 3d student at Metropolia university of applied sciences in finland, also a programmer and all around strange jack of all trades (currently master of none)

Here's an original character I'm working on to teach myself zbrush and anatomy, and it's also a potential portfolio piece. I'm doing all the modeling in zbrush, and probably texture painting too when the time comes. Might rig her too and maybe render in a game engine.

She's a mechanic in a scifi/futuristic world. I'll probably give her some kind of a tool later, like a hi-tech wrench or something similar, for more hard surface practice.
Here are some WIP shots:

Any feedback would be welcome! Especially on the face, I feel like there might be something a bit off about it but can't quite put my finger on it. Thanks!


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