The Beast - The Time Keeper

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Ok. Here goes. My concept is time as The Beast. 

Time is the ever present burdensome beast that plagues our lives. Always looming behind us, slowly plodding along until one day it catches up with us and takes it all. Everything that lives, fears it. But time has a weakness in its duplicitous nature. The beauty is that it also gives to us everything that in the end it finally takes away.


 The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper was created by the God, Hephaestus, as an autonomous clock, whose duty it is to forever monitor the passage of time. As eons passed and belief in Hephaestus and other Gods faded, the Time Keeper attempted to remake itself as a human. Without the skill of his creator, he became more beast than man. The ghastly looking beast, with only love in its heart, marked our triumphs, our joy, our delights. But not fully able to change itself to man, the Time Keeper also marked our heartaches, our pain, our failures. Every precious moment is loaned to us by the Time Keeper and so the beast must solemnly wait for the instant he must take it back. 


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