The Beast - Ian S. - The Fallen One, The beginning of Darkness

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modelHello all,

properly excited to be joining this competition, my idea is based upon a fallen angel/Satan and mainly based upon the Darkness in Legend. Progress WIP to follow!


"Once long ago, before there was such
a thing as time, the world was shrouded
in darkness.
    Then came the splendor of light,
bringing life and love into the Universe,
and the Lord of Darkness retreated deep
into the shadows of the earth, plotting
his return to power... by banishing light

    Unicorns are safe from the Lord of
Darkness, they can only be found by
the purest of mortals...
       You will learn there can be
no good without evil... No love without
hate... No heaven without hell... No light
without darkness."

Ill be sculpting the main bust/figure in MudBox then importing into Max for further editing before importing it into Substance for painting!


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