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Yayy, I think iam quite happy to say that iam pleased with the result and can finally submit  :) Here are the final renders for Ravan/ Ravana

About Ravana :

Beauty Shots :

Some Additional Images :)

and a turntable :

Softwares used :

Autodesk Maya, Zrush, Substance Painter/Iray for render and finally Photoshop

This is has been an amazing challenge not just to improve my skills but to learn more about the character. 

All the best 



After giving it a thought, i decided to participate in this challenge. Iam not sure if i will be able to finish it on time But would love to have a finished piece by the end. Anyway, I have decided to work on Ravan ( otherwise known as Ravana ) He is the villain of a Indian Mythology and the king of Lanka. He is a Ten headed dude in the mythology and posses a lot of amazing attributes as well. Hence I decided to work on him. 

I have taken a pretty challenging concept art. Its pretty amzing. Iam not sure how far its going to translate well into 3d. however i thought i would give it a try. Here is concept art done by the amazing Mukesh Singh.

And here is my first WIP 

All the best to all. Iam sure its going to be fun :smiley: 


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