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The Addams Family Project (WIP)

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Hello fellow polycount users! I’ve been following polycount for few years but never really posted till today. I am a final year games art student and Teesside University and for my final year project I am recreating a section of the Addams’ Family Mansion based on the 1991 film in UE4 using 3ds Max. Since I’ll be doing tons of work in next few weeks as my deadline is March 11th  I thought that now a great time to get advice and actually show off my work for once.

The aim of this project was the create an environment that I can user as a portfolio piece. I want it to be comparable to realistic environments found in AAA games,I also want to use it as an opportunity  to become more familiar with PBR/PBS workflows and  high poly to low poly modelling.

Since it has taken me so long to post a WIP on polycount here is a brief overview of my prep-production work. You can find more in-depth information on the development of this project my personal blog for this project: https://sianbutcherworkblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/initial-blog-post/


For my initial research I watched the 1990s Addams family films as well looked at the various other incarnations of the family from other films, specials, TV shows and the original works by Charles Addams. After this I deiced take a large number of print-screens of the original 1960s TV show and the two 1990s films, I then used these print-screens to create my moodboards. It was also at this point I deiced to predominately base my version of the home on the one from 1991 Addams Family film.

Despite the fact I am not modeling the exterior of the Addams Family mansion I felt it was important to understand the style of the house as I feel to some extent it reflects the interior of the home. Secondly, I plan to model the exterior as a companion portfolio piece once I have completed this project.

I also created a mooboard focusing on iconic Addams Family items/furnishings which I could include in my project to make the house seem more like their home.

Next I created a floor plan of the sections of the home I planned to recreate. This was a little tricky as no floor plan existed for their home in the 1991 film.

After I created the floor plan I the create a project plan, asset list and started gathering other  research for the project. I pinned all my research to various organised Pinterest boards in order for me to be able to access my research with ease regardless of what computer I was working on. It was during this time I also made a note of some of the paintings that clearly the inspirations behind some that hung in hallway of the home.

Shortly before starting my whitebox/blockout spent some time getting accustomed to Substance Designer and Quixel Suite 2. Here is a hourglass rendered UE4 which I modeled in 3ds Max and textured using Quixel Suite.

Finally I started my whitebox/blockout for the environment. Below is the blockout of the hallway.

And here is the blockout I created for Gomez Addams' office.

I did also create whiteboxes/blockouts for the entrance hall and porch areas however on the advice of one of my lectures I recently cut them so I could better focus on the quality of the rest of my environment. Even with this cull my asset list is still around 100 assets long.


I am further along my project then this however I currently don't have access to my most recent work but I will be sure to post it in the next few days. (Sorry about this wall of text and images.)

Any feedback you guys could give me for my project would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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