The Conception of the Beast

I thought I might reserve a spot to begin this challenge, but I'm currently working full time so I'm just going to see how far I get with this. Currently researching for ideas and using this line as a starting point for research:

He is a freak of nature, a monster, an anomaly who doesn’t belong in the world he lives in. 

So of course I had to have a look at the original Beast from Disney.

I had to think about where the beast is from so I looked up a few stories and perhaps the origin of beauty and the beast. I stumbled upon the story of Eros and Psyche from Greek mythology which of course had many variations but the notable part is that Psyche was most beautiful. So beautiful that Aphrodite made his son Eros divert any man from ever marrying her out of jealousy.

I may as well document what other references I found. Predominantly, I liked the Scandinavian story of Grendel from Beowulf as it kind of matches how the Beast gets hunted down. 

Then there was also the Nian; a beast mentioned in the Chinese Zodiac which explains their New Years and the customs of it.

Then I also wanted to look at other concepts as I kind of what to mash the stories together for the Beast.

I'm not really sure how much we're supposed to post....
Anyway, these concepts were pretty awesome so I shall be starting on making my own concepts as of tomorrow! Can't wait to see how I go with this.



  • ellephantism
    Ok well usually i never stick with my first concepts, but i thought it would be good to document it anyway so here goes.

    I actually started thinking about what pose would be best to show off the beast's personality. I didn't have a complete idea yet of what i wanted him to look like but i knew he would be standing but can also be on all fours when he gets angry. Kind of like a bear. It's like his "beast mode".
    I also thought about the pedestal if i had one. That i would reference it to the mosaic style at the beginning of the disney movie.

    -I'm posting from my phone so if the photo rotates i apologise-

    And here i am starting concepts. Im not satisfied with it yet...

    And yes...i like to start from traditional sketching on paper with a pencil.

    I'm definitely liking having bits of sharp scaley parts sticking out the shoulders.. and having fangs that are like horns/tusks. Definitely animal feet. Hm.. decisions. Decisions.
  • ellephantism
    Been hectic lately so I haven't been able to develop the concept much.. I think I like gorilla hands and a character that obviously can go from biped to a four-legged animal. I want to have the incorporation of a mane to show he is mighty. he looks more ferocious with eyes further apart as well. I can't quite give up the idea of enlarged fangs but tried to see also perhaps if having tusks on the side would work. Still. it isn't quite right. I thought an under bite might be better, but looking for under bite canine reference actually just looked hilarious to me. I am definitely going top heavy, it just looks more overpowering that way.

  • ellephantism
    Eureka! Well as usual this happens to me.. I have found my creature after several failures!

    His name is Yggdrasil and I found the story in Norse mythology about a giant ash tree that is the centre of the earth. I'm modifying the story with my creature. He is part fauna, part flora and lives in the heart of the forest. He's kind of like a...Forest King. His beauty is named Askafroa.

    Here's brainstorming to get to know my character better:
    He is grendel and the nian's father.. and the sons hate humans as their father is too passive about his flora and fauna getting destroyed by them. They lost their mother a few weeks after being born. She was destroyed by her fellow humans after realising she had loved the beast and made abominations of the world.
  • ellephantism
    Almost ready to start modelling!  :D

  • ellephantism
    Okay so looked for more reference to develop this creature..

    I want Gorilla hands!

    Bear feet..

    Echidna spikes

    moss with mushrooms on it's back..

    barnacles on the side of it's thighs...

    maybe I am over-doing this design.. but here's a front view of what it's basically starting to look like:

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