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[ PAID] Coach/Teacher 3D Modelling/Texturing

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Paquette_e triangle
Hi guys!

I'm currently looking for a coach/teacher. I would like somone who could guide me trough the learning of 3D modeling/texturing. I'm already a self-taught artist since a while but I would like to take things more seriously and I often feel lost in the many software and options. Something like a course a week or more if you are available. I'm using Max/Quixel/UE4/xN for the moment.

If anyone feel interested just send me a message.
Thanks a lot!


  • Paquette_e
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    Paquette_e triangle

    I'm now mainly looking for someone to help me with the PBR pipeline, other skills could be a plus.
    My time zone is UTC-05:00, I would like someone available on a regular base or who could send me video recording of request.

    If you are interested, send me an email at [email protected], please dont send a private message on polycount.
    Thank you!
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