Bombshell Art Dump (Image Heavy) may Contain spoilers.

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Oki so heres a little Art dump of some of the stuff I did for Bombshell :)

Chris Pollitt  made the UE3 materials for Heskel and most of all the characters I made. Simon Rance made UE3 materials for the most of Environment Props/Items I made.

Jadus Heskel was a bit of cooperative work between me and Chris Pollitt/Mask_Salesman he made the concept art he also made most of the HP of the arms he also helped out with some sculpting, I did the rest of the HP and made lowpoly and made textures.

Also Viewer of Heskel is here

The Kyrrborg Hp and low poly was made by Arturo Pahua.
I created the textures and the greenish metal parts.


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