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Solved: dDo not generating usual maps.

Running PS CS6, and Quixel Suite 2.0. Both 64 Bit versions.

Usually when I start DDO and import my .OBJ mesh, dDo generates a Albedo, Specular, Gloss, and Normal map. Now instead it generates a Gradient, Cuvature, and ObjectSpaceNormal map. It does not generate an Albedo at all and when I tell it to, it crashes if I add material to that map.

Also in 3DO, if I have imported a Material ID map and try to use Shift+C click in 3DO, it does nothing. It takes a moment and does not allow me to assign any materials.
I've uninstalled twice, reinstalled twice, updated Java, and opened CS6 as admin.

Is there some way I can set Quixel back to normal? Reset back to default settings or something? One day it was working fine, and the next day it was all different.

Thank you for your time.


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