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[PAID] UI / UX Artist / Designer needed for video game project

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Watermint Studios is looking for a UI and UX designer / artist to redesign and create the asset for the menus in our game Battleschool. We've been working with someone for the past few months already so some of the work is already done and you would be expected to match the style of menus they have created.

The offer for this position is $1400 USD + 2% of ALL game revenues for three years. The position would require you to design both the UI and the UX for all remaining game menus (about 8 scenes total). The position also requires that you design animations for the menus to help bring them to life (e.g. "this menu graphic flaps in the wind", or "this button fades out when clicked") although we will hire a separate animator to actually create the animations, and of course our developer would be the one to implement them.

We are a team of 10, working hard to create a gaming masterpiece. We are a pretty laid back group but are all willing to do what it takes to make the game the right way. Anyone applying for the position would need to be flexible with revising their work as much as is needed to get the right look.

More information can be found about the game and our team here: http://battleschool.watermintstudios.com

Here is an example of what the current menus look like: https://www.facebook.com/BattleschoolWMS/posts/1741089826120654

If you are qualified please contact me at [email protected]

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