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[WIP] -Historical- German Kharkov 1943

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This is progress so far. I am using Maya for all my texturing and for some reason the UVs on the wheels of the Stug III are not straight, making the wheels look stretched....I can fix this but I am not sure relic can use it if i alter the UV they have provided me... can anyone help answer this question.


  • georider
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    georider polygon
    No the models are as it were , in fact there are other issues regarding uvmap in other vehicle/tanks that need to pay attention , i.e panther back escape hatch used as uvmap of gun bore , so no apply decals back there
  • reallymadmaveric
    Yeah the Panther make sure you paint the rear hatch as you want the very end of the barrel to look like, also the front left and right of the panther hull armor is re used for the bottom rear of the hull side armor. To be more of a pain its also a different scale so you will need to match it into the rear hull. Traditionally Panther often had a germen cross on that front section of hull. You cant put one there or you gessed it you get a small one reproduced on the rear side of the hull :(
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