Substance Painter Symmetry Axis not updating

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I know that the symmetry axis is based on the center of the bounding box of the object, not the origin, which, so far, has done nothing but introduce problems for me, like in the following example:

After doing some texturing work, I noticed my symmetry axis was wrong because of an asymmetrical model. I went ahead and moved all elements to the center to make it symmetrical and re-imported it into Painter. However, no change on the symmetry axis:

To test it further, I exported a symmetrical bounding box ontop of the model and put it into SP, to no avail:

Even moving it far away from the center wouldn't change the symmetry axis:

I noticed that starting a new project gives me the correct axis. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve the layers from the other project, so all texturing work is lost:

My Question is:
Is there any way to force Substance to update the symmetry axis without creating a new project from scratch? Or, even better, a rough estimate on when the option to change the location of the axis manually (to world origin, for example) will be implemented?


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