The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare Art Dump

Hi all, my name is Sam Drew. I'm the 3D artist for The Mean Greens and here's a big art dump of environment art that I've worked on for the last couple of years with the most awesome team imaginable. I'm going to break it up into level-by-level sections, including a flythrough video link, an overview shot or two and some renders of props I am particularly fond of. All of this is also on my Artstation if you'd like to see things at a higher resolution. Some of the 2D art was done by Pedro Lopes, the cinematography and music in the flythrough videos were done by Joe Garth and Gareth Coker respectively.

Toybox Assault

Tabletop Wars

Off The Rails

Kitchen Run

Deep Freeze

Probably best just to watch the flythrough for this one.

Fishtank Frenzy

Operation Birthday

Bathtub Bash

Barnyard Ball

Art Table Shuffle

Misc Props

Thanks a lot for reading. Our animator, Jamie Krautkremer and our character artist, Arif Aly will be making contributions to this thread so stay tuned!


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