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"That Dragon, Cancer" is releasing on January 12th!  The team is hosting a pancake party in honor of Joel's favorite food, and is asking people who want to show their celebration for the game, Joel, and the release by joining in and eating pancakes!  Hashtag in on w/e social media you use with your beautiful pancakes to share in the celebration :)!


We've got a Los Angeles / Orange County celebration happening at Harbor House Cafe in Sunset Beach, and would love for anyone in the area to join us!

At the several moments I was able to talk to Ryan Green, I personally feel this game speaks to so much of our fears, hopes, and love that we encounter in one way or another as people, not just artists or game developers.  

If you guys get the chance, you should see their GDC 2015 presentation.  Got ~800 developers to give a standing ovation for 25 seconds straight.


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