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[Final]- Historical- German Armor Divisions Eastern front paterns

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Historical Skinpacks

My first participation in the contest is historical , German Armored using known patterns from Easter Front.
After operation Blue in spring 42 German Tank crews saw that the grey factory paint color affects with the environment in Eastern front. At start they used mud with color to apply custom cammo to their vehicles/tanks , and during winter white washed white to apply the necessary view due to territorial environment. After 43 the initial factory cammo was factory yellow so the crews can apply custom colors to their vehicles , also some new models came out with cammo patterns. My skinpack for the contest trying to saw the different version and approaches that were used then, I get as much as historical data I could from ww2 pictures , my Military history Book collections and from many historical sites around the net.

Final versions summer and winter

Summer Skin
Winter Skin
My previous works can be found in my colection

Final preview of the uploading skins
1. summer Light vehicles

2. Summer medium Armored

3. Summer Heavy Armor
1. Light vehicles winter

2. Medium armor winter

3. Heavy Armor winter

I like to thank you all for your coments, observation in my work and feedback.
Thank you , George. (@georider)


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