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Hey Everyone!
For my exam of Level Decoration we have to create an environment that is supposed to be a background for a game's main menu.
I'm looking for critique that would help me in any way, be it color, composition, lighting, textures, etc
I will post some updates with progress.
Deadline is next week friday(8/1)

The things I going to work on next are some rock and cliff sculpts for the hills.
This is my rough concept:

Here are some WIPS:

Landscape details and grass.

Asphalt road mesh with procedural water puddles.

Water drops on grass leaves :tongue: 


And finally, this is what I have now with some photoshop color tweaking.
I added TrueSKY clouds yesterday through their trial license, which gives awesome results.

At the moment the mipmapping of my grass textures is bothering me as it leaves empty spaces quite close to the camera. I'm going to have to fill those with rocks and various bushes..

Thanks for checking this out!


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