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Help with Collision physics on jiggle bones

The title says it all, I need someone to help me with my next workshop project, specifically with collisions with jiggle bones. I am looking if anyone can give me some step by step instructions on how to create a physics model in blender and how to compile it with my model into a finished item. Heck, I may be willing to allow someone to do the work, you'd be given full credit for your contribution and a percentage of any profit (negotiable on the percentage) made should the item be implemented.

The project it's self is the 3rd and final version of my Tech's Trench item, revamped with all criticism I have gotten over the past 2 versions in mind. As I cannot just keep releasing new version of this item for ever I want to make this Item the best it can be. All I need to know how/someone to do is add collisions to the coat's tail/ butt cape so they no longer clip through the Engineer.


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