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Star Wars Reimagined (CG+ Contest) Entry

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Hey everyone!

As a huge fan of Star Wars, I am jumping in the train. it is a star wars redesign contest organised by CG+ http://cgplus.com/forum/t/star-wars-reimagined-deadline-extended/296
I'll try to do it as a pushed illustration like if it was for a book cover, a card illustration or a splash art, we'll see. 
It is a really good exercice for me, and it'll be a lot of fun.
Alright, here's my first sketches and ideas.
I'm going for a dark fantasy vibe with a bit of a dryad inspired design for the character, we'll see where it goes ;) 

Here's a 2nd idea for the illustration/comp. It is Darth Maul leading some nightsisters through the forest. I quite like ideas and I could have fun with the nightsisters designs:

What do you think of them? Any critics or comments?


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