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Nils Friberg portfolio critique

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Hello all!
I'm currently in the process of updating my portfolio, and would love some feedback on it.

Is it hard to find stuff? Are the project thumbnails good? Does it load too slow? Are all the projects I've uploaded really necessary? Is the icon super ugly?
Feedback on the actual projects is also appreciated=)




  • vincentvangeel
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    vincentvangeel polycounter lvl 4
    You have a pretty nice site.
    It's clean, you can find everything really easy and loads very fast on my computer.

    I do have a few small comments on the site though. First of all make your name at the top a little bit bigger and please use capitals, it looks a bit weird at the moment. 
    In chrome at the bottom your references to other sites don't show up except for behance, in firefox I can see that you have also twitter and others there. So you might want to check if something did go wrong there.
    I would also make your contact info at the bottom more eye catching, it now blends a bit too much with the background. 
    And the last thing is that your About me and CV pages are hard to read, because it's all in the same size and aligned to the center. If you can't re-arrange the pages to be left aligned, I would at least make the titles bold or a different color. 

    I really like your projects itself, espectially the ramen shop and the dirty car, but I would remove the cartoony black outline from the car renders. :smile: 
  • slosh
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    slosh hero character
    I agree about your name...why would you have that key information the smallest font, the least bold, and the only lower case?  As for the folio stuff, I would get rid of the modeled car at the bottom unless you plan on texturing it.  It's ok but nothing special and without a textured version, it feels unfinished.
  • skyline5gtr
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    skyline5gtr polycounter lvl 9
    The about me page is odd as well, the first line reads Hello, then the next line says "These are my latest works. I like doing props, environments and sketchy concepts" followed by things that inspire you yet there is no picture of any work on that page. The sentence is all over the place. Then you break down "things I know how they work" and Theoretical things .... again just weird titles and alot of the information like light and rendering and not theoretical 
  • modebloggen
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    modebloggen polycounter lvl 9
    Thank you for the replies, I appreciate it!

    As for your points, I'll take them to heart, especially about the text sections of About and CV. I guess I thought it "stylish" and to a degree I felt it played well with some minimalistic approach.

    Slosh: I suppose this is one of those kill your darlings moments, regarding the low poly car, but I see what you mean. And since I have no intention of texturing it, it'll have to go.

    Skyline5GTR: Thanks for being straight with me! I think my intention with the headlines was to not be too serious, but if they are confusing I might have to rethink those parts.

    Vincent: I'll have a look to see whats up with the icons for the twitter pages and whatnot. Oh and thanks for checking it out on multiple browsers as well, much appreciated.
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