Ascend - RabidLocust - Final Character Hipoly

More images for the character at My Artstation >

Link to the Ascend game project >>

Government Enforcer - Rabid Locust Unit - Character Hipoly. A crazy ass parkour soldier that dont give a 'f' on gravity and rebel retaliation.

Helping out the Ascend Team in creating one of their Government Enforcer character codename Rabid Locust for the game. Currently Working on the hipoly. Trying different approach in creating character. Using zbrush from start to the end to create the character. Though use bits of 3DS Max to create initial meshes and boolean stuffs. It will be a bit painful when approaching the lopoly creation after this since I have to manually retopo to get the lopoly. Wil be using 3DS max to use the retopo function there.

Please visit the link to check out their progress for the Ascend game.

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