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MICH Helmet - pbr

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SamuelDV polycounter lvl 4
Sketchfab link: https://sketchfab.com/models/52608233642047cbaca91e32688bddc0

Hi guys! 

Started this project about 2 weeks ago, been doing the high poly modeling ever since, that part's done now. 
Currently making the low resolution model, and soon headed into the baking progress :)

Some more info: 
this is an assignment for school, we had to recreate a full face-covering helmet, based on existing designs. I chose a classic MICH Army helmet, with bullet proof goggles and a phantom oxygen mask.

More updates comming very soon, as I'm looking to finish this project (game ready model with PBR texturing) in the comming week.

Feel free to leave some feedback in the meantime!


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