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Shell Shock: The Game Artdump

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Hello all! I'm ika, a concept artist, all-around generalist, and new polycount user. My friends and I worked on making an app game during our hectic school year and in the process created Shell Shock: The Game! 

Shell Shock is a 2-D evasion side-scroller game for the mobile platform. The gameplay is fast-paced and consists of a turtle attempting to outlast its natural predators in it's natural habitat. I find the game extremely hard but very fun, especially when attempting to up a friend's in-game score.

I took on the position of UI, VFX, illustration, and concept artist for the game. Below are pieces I created for the game as well as some in-game screenshots! We are constantly upgrading the game to make it the best it can be! 

Check out the game if you get the chance on the app store or like us on our Facebook!
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