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I have a huge problem with Mudbox painting. When i paint on anything there is a color that is pixelated and much lighter than the color that i chose. It does this on any mesh i try to paint on, even the default plane or cube of Mudbox, so it can't be something with the UVs. I dont think its my graphics card because it can handle sculpting on subdivision level 8 with millions and millions of polys. Sometimes it seems that i can paint normal on one subdivision level, then it will suddenly become pixelated and lighter. And it does this for each level. Stencils seem to work fine for some reason with normal painting, but stamps do not. I have default lighting,material, and default paint brush setting except for a red color to show the problem. I have tried showing/hiding with ctrl + up arrow and down arrow. I have tried different lighting and materials. Nothing is working. Please help me fix this problem because im going to rip my hair out


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