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'The Last Archway' [Handpainted diorama]

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JamesMeader polycounter lvl 9
So i'm dusting off polycount as its been many months since my last thread. I felt this project was the one that needs the most critique considering its the first time in a while I'm using my own concept/idea.

The idea is as follows, this will be a small diorama of a world in decay. However the Archway is the last gateway to a living world. This living world is bleeding energy on to the archway, tree and stairs. So those areas will be covered in moss, flowers and lots and lots of colour.
The rest will be dark, grim and scary.
I really like the idea of such a drastic contrast between one and an other.

I do have some sketches and an idea of how I want it too look. I've also written up an asset list and made a chart to keep track of everything (maybe I make a trello board too?) 

So this is what I have so far, planning to make everything, bake out ao and normal maps and then start texturing. However maybe I'll texture a few assets to test things out before hand.

and below is with the block out meshes to give an idea of what else will be added. The tombstones will be a bit more elaborate as well looking rather sacred.  

So here is a list of things that will be added, or just overall asset list:-
Island *done*
Island Rocks *done*
Pillars (tombstones)
Arch w/plants *done 1/2*
Arch Tree *done*
Island Tree *done*
Small torches
Skeleton with sign
Spears with skulls

If you have any feedback at the minute then please dont hesitate! 



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