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[UE4] In the belly of the beast

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griffitii greentooth
Hi all! 

It's been a while since I've done a personal project so I thought I'd get stuck into one while I have some free time this holiday. I really want to start using Substance Painter and/or Quixel 2 for texturing so thought creating a repeating environment would be great for this. I've seen a few scifi corridors already demonstrating Quixel 2 so thought I'd give it a go! 

I'm going for an industrial looking corridor that feels like you're within something a lot bigger. I've added in some piston arms that could move/rotate to help with this feeling. Lots of worn edges and normal map detail. I want to tell some sort of story in the scene like the area is continually under maintenance. 

So far I've fleshed out the corridor but haven't got round to the door at the far end. The parts are in deferring stages of modelling. I started by roughing out shapes and then adding detail where I needed it. To break up the repetition of the environment I will add some cables, loose pipes, etc (if I get time!) I've also created hatches that can be opened to reveal more detail both above and to the sides.

Everything has been modelled in Modo. 

Any thoughts/feedback/critiques/guidance would be much appreciated!


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