Sci-fi Grenade (PBR) by Desmond Man / Concept by Juan Novelletto

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Hey guys, so it's been a while since I've posted anything up... It's crunch at work right now for our game so I've had very little time to do anything that's mine so this is a collective of lunch hours/home hours and what not over the last week and a bit...

I've just finished the base high poly in 3ds max and will be moving onto the fine detailed bits in zbrush soon, but before heading into that area I'd like to leave a small time frame for C&C... what parts aren't working, what parts look wrong, what parts could do with more design specs, I'm not in a hurry so I'm willing to rip some parts apart and redo them if it's extremely necessary.

This will be my first PBR asset in practice so I plan on learning a completely new pipeline/theory process through this... so I'll be aiming to use programs such as Substance Designer and Substance Painter as they are both blank areas I've been watching tutorials on for ages but never really gotten around to actually putting into practice.

The final result will either be in Toolbag 2 or UE4, for the time being Toolbag 2 seems like the best choice since it's an asset showcase based engine.

C&C Very Welcome.

Original concept is by Juan Novelletto. Please check his work out! (Y)


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    Small update from today. C&C Still welcome.

    I'm currently just applying small dents and damages... refraining from over damaging it on the most part :) I don't really think much will change in silhouette and all at this point, all major forms are there so it's all about fine detail with the remaining updates on the HP.

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    So I've finally finished baking my HP down into my LP... it's taken me some time since I've not really had much time to do this recently... so here it is for now :)

    This is currently 1 2048x2048 map.. and is sitting in about 60K triangles, I decided to just go deep into detail for this so the triangle count is exceptionally high for what it would actually be used for in-game so I guess this is more of a showcase model of a cut-scene prop where you'd get quite close up to it haha.

    Any way, I'll be moving onto texturing for this bad boy next :)

    C&C Very Welcome!

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    Hay man! Wonderful model, loving the complexity. I don't have any other crits for it though, but I thought I pop in and share some love :D 

    Im looking forward to seeing how the texturing comes along, as I'm currently going to be using that myself for a project.

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    Thanks Beardy!

    So I'm having some technical issues (mentally) ... I'm curious to know whether Substance Designer will spit out my model if the model is using shared UVs... I've mirrored quite a lot of this model and I'm trying to figure out whether substance will have tiling issues where UVs are mirrored and where UV islands are separated or whether I might have made one separated UV island slightly smaller than another by accident or something.

    multiples of potential problems have sprung up in my head after watching several tutorials and I can't find an answer anywhere... if anyone can answer my questions I'd really appreciate it!
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    Annnnd, an update...

    So no-one's really answered me anywhere about the issue I was thinking about with Shared UVs in Substance Designer... and I had nothing to do for the time being  also with no access to SD at the time... so I just went ahead and textured it without Substance Designer...

    At this point I'd either go back a few steps once I get an answer to my problem if necessary... or just finish this prop off without the use of SD and just start another project after this that will be done specifically with the new information I've learnt... either way this project has been good for learning :)

    C&C Very Welcome.

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