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Tree Hugger on Kickstarter & Greenlight

Hi I'm a 3D designer with Mad Labyrinth Studios, while I might not post here, I do browse the forums a lot to see everyone's wonderful works. I've just launched a project on Kickstarter & Greenlight called TREE HUGGER, and I was hoping some people would come out to support us.  As this is a learning/sharing environment I'd be happy to answer any questions that people have about the modeling/animating/texturing etc that I can!

 is a Counter-Style Tower Defense game where you command troops instead of building the towers. You gather resources and build up your base to send waves of forest creatures to destroy the towers your enemies have built.
You are a powerful Druid, Caedmon Mariadec, who is fed up with the medieval Kings taking over and destroying your lands. Fight and get your land back from these corrupted kings! Cast spells, recruit mercenaries, explore different biomes, find hidden objects, push your luck at the wishing well, but most of all, destroy towers and kings with your own armies!

The game is filled with unique units and buildings.  Unlike the typical tower defense your focus is on building up your base and sending out troops, so we've made 12 unique units all with their own personalities and animations, and 16 buildings to go with them.   

If you want more in-depth looks at the creatures or buildings check out our website or the facebook!

The kickstarter can be found here with a lot more information on the game and gameplay!
The Greenlight if you'd like to vote us up can be found here.

We are using Unity3D engine for the game and Blender for the modeling, texturing, and animating.


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    Your first image is 18mb...might want to do something about that for those with a less then fantastic internet connection.
  • MadLabyrinthStudios
    My apologies I'll fix that right now.
  • MadLabyrinthStudios
    We're showing off a sneak preview to another level on the Kickstarter so thought I'd update it here to. This is the Lost Times level of TREE HUGGER, a counter tower defense game.

  • cesarinm7
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    cesarinm7 polycounter lvl 4
    Hey bro, awesome work and project. I would pay to play it without doubt. A few technical questions, what is the shader you are using in unity and the settings? And how do you achieve such a good texture blending on the terrain? Hope you can help me with this bro, and again, congrats for the awesome work.
  • MadLabyrinthStudios
    @CESARNIM7  Thank you!  We're actually using the legacy bumped diffuse (or legacy diffuse for things without bumpmaps) for most of the shaders, it's usually a brighter texture than the newer standard texture with Unity 5.  Most of the "liveliness" comes more from the camera filters, a small vignette, minor bloom, and color correction with an SSAO. 

    The smooth texutre blending comes from using Unity's Terrain instead of an imported or tiled terrain. This allow us the best blending options for the ground, especially since we have transition levels where it needs to blend between two different biomes (ex. forest and snow biomes). If you play with the different brush options and lower the opacity of the brush to 5-8 it tends to blend a lot smoother. Honestly unless I go below 10 I don't see much opacity at all.  Brush size seems to be important when it comes to the softest of the brushes (top left default brush) so that you can get the blend without it mudding up the other textures.

    If this doesn't quite cover what you were wanting or if you have anymore questions, please let us know!
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